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Dev Blackburn

Chef, artist, yogini, blogger, beekeepers daughter


A third generation Californian born into a nature loving, environmentally aware family of foodies. My commitment to health and longevity has been lifelong and includes 25+ years as a classically trained chef, vegetarian food coach, yoga teacher and artist.

call or text: 213-447-1130



OM Chef Mission

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


What a plant based diet can do:
  • Prevent and/or reverse: 
    •  heart disease
    •  diabetes
    •  obesity
    •  high cholesterol
    •  high blood pressure
    •  cancer
    •  depression
    •  lethargy
    •  ED
    •  low libido


Om Chef helps you:
  • Re-educate and excite your palate with the healthiest ingredients and dishes
  • Eliminate commercially processed, preservative and pesticide enhanced ‘foods’
  • Discover how delicious and easy healthy eating can be
  • Eliminate sugar, salt and fat cravings
  • Reduce (and for some, eliminate) intake of animal foods
  • Increase intake of raw, plant based foods
  • Avoid the ever increasing cost of healthcare required to treat the above mentioned diseases that are caused by the American diet
  • Achieve and maintain optimum health via the foods you eat

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